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with Anne's Lamas 01217.jpgDSC01088.jpgDSC01101.jpgDSC01106.jpgDSC01109.jpgDSC01123.jpgDSC01145.jpgDSC01162.jpgDSC01179.jpgDSC01185.jpgDSC01227.jpgDSC01243.jpgHands and Shoes 01193.jpgJustin Tina Susn Marie 01126.jpgMarie Bernadette Kavera and Crains 01210.jpgSisters 01153.jpgSisters 01244.jpgSusan and Family at th Rockville Bridge 01170.jpgsusan and Justijn 01212.jpgSusan Tina Marie 1133.jpg

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I am so happy for all of you. Sure love you, Susan! diane
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